Buchaman Denies Being An NRM Member.

Veteran musician, Mark Bugembe well known as Buchaman has nullified claims that he is a hard-core NRM member and supporter due to his frequent associations with President Museveni.

While appearing before NBS Television yesterday, the ‘Presidential Adviser’ said he has never been in the ‘winning team’ of NRM after being questioned his views on the recent defection of People Power supporters to the ruling NRM.

He insisted that he is only a supporter of President Museveni and not NRM. ‘I only support President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’ the faded singer said. He also said that he serves only the President and not NRM Secretariat.

Buchaman and Museveni

The former Ghetto Vice President was appointed as a special Presidential Adviser on Ghetto affairs, being responsible for devising means to popularize the President in the ghetto.

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