Canary Mugume And Girlfriend Fight Over City Slayer. 

Last night drama ensured in the parking of NBS TV when a city socialite Shasha Furgson attacked a yet to be identified babe and almost plucked off all her hair over her man Canary Mugume. Eye witness confirmed to us that Sasha mysteriously arrived at the parking of NBS TV driving a wish car and stationed herself well in some dark corner.

As the girl reached the building that houses NBS TV, sasha openly waged war of words to her something that caused tension. Wailing and talking on high pitched volume, Sasha threatened to teach the girl a lesson if she doesn’t distance herself from hunky Canary. As drama went by, onlookers tried to cool down sexy Sasha who later sped off to the direction of acacia. Sasha and Canary have had a tedious relationship over time. In their happy days, the two exchange PDA on a daily but when things turn the other round, dirty and verbal war of words suppress the good times.

The young couple live together as man and wife

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