Capt Mike Mukula And Balaam Are Behind The Rape Allegations, I Didn't Do It, Bryan White Speaks Out.

City socialite Brian Kirumira, alias Bryan White has denied allegations of rape and forced abortions made by his former secretary, a one Stella Nandawula, saying that Captain Mike Mukula and Events Promoter Balaam Barugahare are behind all these accusations because they want to see him fail.

Speaking in a face book live video yesterday, the faded tycoon revealed that these two are afraid of him just because Mukula owes him shs 100m that he lent him some time back when he had a trip to Nigeria and was to broke to facilitate it.

Bryan White also alleged that Mukula forced Stella to release such a video because he threatened to kill her.

I know that person who has been following my secretary promising her heaven and earth to pull me down, you forced her to do such video clips so that you can take them to the president, I left Museveni for you now what do you want from me? he said.

Yesterday, a video of Nandawula surfaced on the internet where she was crying for authorities to bail her out of her situation of being raped countless times and aborting her babies forcefully by Bryan White.

“I am Susan Nandawula. I am 29 years old. My father is Rwandese and my mother is Ugandan. I came to Uganda in search for good pastures, through one man called Kirabira Edison. Apparently he is a broker of women. He sells women to rich men. So he sold me to one Mr Kirumira Bryan, who is my current boss right now. I have been battered and bruised. I have taken abortions a couple of times. He has threatened my life a couple of times. Please whoever sees this video please help me.”– she said.

However, Stella shockingly appeared in Bryan White’s Facebook live video and begged for forgiveness because she was forced to record video clips by mafias whose names she didn't mention who wanted to tarnish her Boss' name.

“Bryan white’s fans, i ask you please to forgive me and understand that my life was in danger, I was forced by some mafias who later promised to give me a good life, I came and explained to my boss and he understood me, that’s why even now I’m still her with him,” she said.


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