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Carol Nantongo And Diggy Baur In Quotes.

It has turned out that musician Carol Nantongo has benefited from the COVID-19 lock down in Uganda. News reach us that the 'Misumali' singer is now in quotes with director Diggy Baur.

Carol Nantongo

The melodious voiced Carol has been of recent rumored to date musicians among others like Eddy Yawe, Lil Pazo, and Ziza Bafana.

The duo have been reportedly sharing a roof and a bed as well ever since the kick off of the worrisome lock down.

Nantongo revealed that whereas she spends most of her time in Diggy Baur's Makindye based studios, she does not record songs all the time, but instead, she discusses future plans and prospects with the slender producer.

A source, who requested anonymity relayed “Carol Nantongo who dumped her ex is currently in too much love with producer Diggy Baur. It is beyond friendship because they are reportedly sharing the same bed.''

Let us hope Diggy Baur turns out to be Mr. Right.

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