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Carol Nantongo Discharged From Hospital After Nasty Fight With Typhoid.

Songbird, Carol Nantongo has been discharged from hospital after a brief battle with Typhoid fever.

The former Golden Band member took to her Instagram to share the news. Earlier, she had posted a picture of herself with a cannula on one of her hands, captioning it 'Typhoid'

The 'wakwekula' hut maker reportedly left the Golden Band Productions about three months ago.

Her 'typhoid' post worried a number of her fans who wished her a quick recovery.

Owing to the ongoing lockdown, visiting the singer was out of the question.

Snoops reveal that the melodious voiced Nantongo was admitted to hospital two days ago.

She responded positively to the treatment and is now improving. Carol Nantongo has been rumoured to be dating producer Diggy Baur.

She joins the list of numerous musicians who have worried their fans with sickness. They include, Sarah Shortie, a musician and dancer.

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