Catherine Kusasira's 'Ebilumya Abayaye' Post Leaves Fans Talking.

Celebrated musician and Member of Parliament, Catherine Kusasira has faced it rough after she posted a photo of herself gaining massive weight and captioned it 'Bino Byebilumya Abayaye'

The phrase, 'Bino Byebilumya Abayaye' literally translates to "These are the things that pain haters" has been used by several prominent celebrities as a way of flaunting whatever they pride in. It started simply as a social media catch phrase but politicians and musicians seem to have picked up the phrase

Catherine Kusasira is among those that have yielded to the temptation to use the the phrase but things only backfired.

Fans started wondering how a grown up lady like Kusasira could stoop so low as to use what they termed as 'stupid' posts. Others criticized her that as long as she belongs to NRM, there is absolutely nothing that she can show off.

"At your age, you also post these? Kusasira chill Facebook because you are older than Queen Elizabeth." a one, Semwogerere Joseph lashed at her.

She also got roasted that her use of the phrase stems from her desire to gain relevance and popularity which long faded since her joining the NRM.

"Wapi, do right things to gain popularity. I am not shaken even small." Okasi Henry advised.

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