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Chairman Nyanzi On Ashburg Kato’s Defection To NRM.

Fred Ssentamu Nyanzi alias Chairman Nyanzi, albeit a brother to H.E Bobi Wine has backed former People Power adherent and blogger, Ashburg Kato’s recent shift to the ruling NRM.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, he pointed out that the likes of Ashburg Kato was introduced to them as ‘children’ and they were civilized enough to receive them. He pointed out that they were like family but if one chooses to go, no one can stop a particular member. ‘The likes of Kato were introduced as Children to us and we humbly received them, we’ve been like family but if they have decided to go, we shouldn't curse them like the media exaggerates the issue.’ Said Nyanzi.

Chairman Nyanzi further revealed that ‘People Power’ is always Kato’s home and if he chooses to come back, the doors are wide open. "This is their home,  and the door is open whenever  they feel like coming back,  therefore we should let them enjoy whatever they are being offered because at the end of the day they know the truth that this will always be their home," Nyanzi added. Chairman Nyanzi was confident that those that bequeathed People Power for NRM are not capable of hurting the pressure movement since their hearts belong to the people. "Their hearts belong to People power, I don't think they are capable of harming People Power.’ Nyanzi said. It should not be forgotten that Ashburg Kato, a famous blogger was close to People power principal, H.E Bobi Wine and his announcement to have officially crossed to NRM after the President gifted him five cows came as a fury igniter to People Power loyalists. 

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