Chameleone, Bijou First Ugly Management Fight.

Looks like things are getting ugly for singer Jose Chameleone and his recently announced new management, which is headed by Fortunate Bijou.

The latest rumor reaching our ever sharp ears is that the singer is stressed after failing to secure serious shows for three weeks now ever since he changed management.

We hear most promoters are snubbing the singer following the new changes in show charges set by his new management. It is indicated that the management is supposed to only book shows from which they can get their 40% commission, which forced them to hike the prices, thus forcing some promoters to snub Chameleone for other slightly cheaper artistes on the market.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that some members of Chameleone’s old management are also playing dirty tricks so that they can frustrate the new management.  It is said that they keep feeding some promoters with threats that they should be careful with their money while booking the singer, something that has discouraged many promoters from booking Chameleone.

We hear, last week there was an incident after Chameleone snubbed  a show at Club Ambiance, which has created uncoordinated arrangements between the singer and the management, leaving some members of the old management jubilating.

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