Chameleone Breaks Silence On Break Up With Daniella.

An audio clip belonging to musician cum politician Jose Chameleone's wife, Daneilla went viral on social media about a week ago. The audio claims that Daniella is fed up of Chameleone and the two are no longer together.

In the audio, Daniella further claims that she can no longer remain with Chameleone due to the long distance marriage in which chances are high that Chameleone is involved with other ladies in Kampala.

However, an insider close to the Leone Island boss intimated to this website that the rumours are not true and are only being inspired by those that want to tarnish his Kampala'Lord Mayoral dreams.

Although he admitted that the audio indeed belongs to his wife, it is of a long time ago since the two have always been on and off in their relationship, accusing each other of similar crimes.

Daniella is currently living in the United States with the rest of the 'Wale Wale' singer's children. Chameleone is currently busy engrossed in canvassing for votes for himself, ahead of the Kampala Lord Mayoral elections next year.

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