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Chameleone Explains Why He Refused To Abandon Lord Mayoral Race For Mityana MP Seat. 

Kampala Lord Mayor hopeful, Jose Chameleone has explained why he declined Bobi Wine's recommendation to abandon his struggle for the Kampala Lord Mayorship and instead contest for Mityana Municipality MP.

Recently, news showed that Bobi Wine, who is the NUP chief advised Chameleone to leave the Kampala Lord Mayoral ambitions and instead run for Mityana MP where he will be fully backed by the National Unity Platform leadership.

However, Chameleone paid a deaf ear to the suggestion and instead vowed not back down, insisting that his sole aim in life is to serve the people of Kampala and being mature enough, he should not be toyed with by telling him what to do.

"I am old enough. I make my own decisions. No one is going to decide for me. I’m not going to step down. I am not into this to play or to pursue a career in politics. I’m here to serve the people of Kampala,”Jose explained.

He also indicated how he had already printed campaign posters urging his supporters to show their love through the ballot to scoop the top Kampala seat.

Bobi Wine seems to have not taken this too well as his silence over the matter has even triggered a bigger suspense

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