Chameleone, Weasel In Bar Brawl Again Over Female Fan’s Phone.

A few weeks ago we revealed how Singer Jose Chameleone and younger brother Weasel almost flexed at the Parliamentary Avenue based Laparoni’s bar after the resident DJ of the bar concentrated on playing Chameleone’s music for close to forty minutes, something that angered Weasel, who was at the same hangout.

He started wondering why a DJ would humiliate him by playing music for one artiste simply because he was present in the bar. Weasel, who was boozified, started hurling insults at Chameleonme, telling him how he faded off the music scene but is forcing DJs to play his old songs.

The remarks angered Chameleone, who warned Weasel to watch his words because he had started threatening to beat him up. Word on the grapevine is that the two were at it again last weekend at Industrial Area-based Exxo Lounge.

Snoops reveal that this time around it was sparked off after Chameleone smashed a mobile phone that belonged to a female fan of Weasel.

It is said that Chameleone was seated in the vicinity when weasel’s fan started taking photos and selfies with the Goodlyfe Singer.

Out of the blue, Chameleone reached for the female fan’s mobile phone and smashed it on the floor accusing her of taking his photos without authority. Efforts to stop and convince the Baliwa singer that they had not taken his photos fell on deaf ears and smashed the phone beyond repair.

The actions angered Weasel so much that he started hurling insults at his elder brother which created commotion in the club and before the boisterous Chameleone disappeared from the club leaving weasel consoling the fans and promising to buy her a new phone.

We hear since then the two brothers are no longer on talking terms.

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