City Snapper Natty Dread To Rot In Jail.

Ugandan journalist, known mostly for covering top functions in town and State House events, is languishing in jail in a neighbbouring country.

City popular snapper Tony Babara- fondly known as Natty Dread- was arrested last month on Valentine’s Day (14th February) in the neighbouring county.

He had travelled to cover a musical extravaganza, headlined by renowned French singing group, Kassav which is considered the most famous in the history of the Zouk music genre.

It remains unclear, what could have led to Natty Dread’s arrest, but a sources reveal that was arrested over drugs.

However another source said Natty had to first get accreditation from the media high council, the body in charge of accrediting foreign journalists. He highly suspects the Ugandan scribe might have not had proper documentation to cover the high profile musical event.

All this, however, remains speculation of what could have led to his arrest. Natty Dread is a well known journalist among the high and mighty of East Africa. Years ago, he launched his own publication, Top Events after years of freelancing with almost all Uganda media houses.

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