Clever J Asks For A Battle With Chameleon.

After a minute of fame of Clever J's return, he seems to have taken the attention given to him by both the public and the media as an advantage to ask for a battle with legendary Jose Chameleon. It should be noted that after reuniting with Chameleon at comedy store, the public was excited about their reconciliation.

However Clever J does not seem satisfied with the collaboration which Chameleon offered him, he wants more than a mere collaboration. It should be remembered that Clever J was a hot item on the Ugandan music scene in 2006/2007 with hits, most famous among them, Manzi Wanani, among others. He later disappeared from the music scene and resorted to brick laying. His return has come with a lot of good things because he has already outed his new sing known as 'Buluuma Akuze', a collaboration with Chameleon, he will also perform at Cindy Sanyu's 'boom party concert' on 7th March 2020.

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