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Comedian Salvador And Wife To Welcome Third Child.

Comedian Patrick Salvador and wife, Daphine Frankstock are set to welcome another baby in their family after the comedian opened up to the media that his wife is pregnant.

Daphine Frankstock and Patrick Salvado

Salvador spilled the beans on Monday night in an exclusive interview when he was asked if his wife wants to do a 'juliana.'

This query made the comedian reveal that his wife is soon set to bring a third child into his family.

For starters, a Juliana, in today’s terms is in relation to Juliana Kanyomozi who surprised the world with a baby after managing to hide her pregnancy. A 'juliana' therefore is when a woman conceives, goes through her pregnancy and finally gives birth without anyone especially the media knowing about it.

The comedian married his longtime girlfriend in June 2019 and have so far had two children. Fans are impatient for the announcement of the birth of a child in the Salvador family.

The celebrity couple join the list of the many celebrities that are either just given birth or expecting during this lockdown. Among them include, Chozen Becky. Weasel, and Juliana Kanyomozi who tops the list.

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