• Khinamura

'Copycat', Robin Kisti Attacks Sheilah Gashumba Over New Show.

Former workmates at NTV Uganda, Robin Kisti and Sheilah Gashumba are currently not on hugging terms after Sheilah allegedly acted copy cat on Robin Kisti.

Robin Kisti earlier launched her show and named it 'Kisti's lounge.' However, Sheilah Gashumba launched her show only four fays after Kisti and named it God's Plan and Gash Lounge. 

The two are similar as both are called 'Lounge' and this has induced Kisti to label Sheilah a copy cat. "They can copy your style, but they can never be you." she posted in one of her posts. It should be noted that the two were workmates at NTV Uganda. However, Sheilah Gashumba criticized the TV station for paying her pea nuts and threw in the towel.

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