• Khinamura

COVID 19 LOCK DOWN; Sheebah Seeks God’s Intervention.

Currently, several musicians are crying foul ever since government announced a ban on music concerts, closure of bars and night clubs, prohibited parties, mass weddings and other public gatherings, as a way of avoiding the spread of COVID-19.

The directive saw many artistes lose millions of shillings as a result of cancelled bookings, while those who had received deposits are currently being put on tenterhooks by promoters to refund the money.  

On her part, Sheebah has since resorted to prayer and asking the almighty God to intervene in this dire situation before things go out of hand.

She recently tweeted about the lockdown; “More Days?!!! In the same damn place?? ??!! Still Not working but spending?!! What kind of life is this?!  This is so frustrating. Pensive face, weary face. Lord have mercy on us!”

It should be recalled that around the time government announced the lockdown, Sheebah had just split from Jeff Kiwanuka’s Team No Sleep (TNS) and launched her own label called ‘Sheebah Establishments LTD’, which she hoped would accelerate her music career by promoting and marketing her new songs.

However, all her music projects have since stalled, yet she had pumped a lot of dime in shooting and promoting her music videos but all this has since gone to waste, since she cannot perform any of her new songs anywhere due to the lockdown.

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