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Crysto Panda Breaks Down As He Narrates How He Lost His Baby.

NTV Presenter, Crysto Panda was over joyed as be became a father about month ago when his wife gave birth in Saudi Arabia little did he know his joy was to be short lived.

Crysto broke the sad news on his social media, pitying his fans who were wishing him a happy Father's day. He then explained how he lost his baby a fortnight ago.

"Thank you whoever has wished me a Happy Father’s Day but unfortunately I am so sorry to inform y’all that I lost my daughter two weeks back." he spilled the rockets.

He explained that the baby, who was named Aylin Dana Nakyanzi was born with dead brain cells due to her mum's tiredness.

This led to several attacks since she could not be operated whilst young. She succumbed to these attacks which had become violent and many.

He explained that he was not brave to reveal the news immediately that's why he had withheld the information.

"Many of you have been asking me about her of late and I wasn’t brave enough to speak about it and that’s why also I wasn’t posting about her like before." He explained.

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