Daddy Andre And Angela Katatumba Tell Their Love Story Through A Song 'Tonelabila'.

Kampala city socialite and musician Angela Katatumba and Producer Daddy Andre are set to release a song titled 'Tonelabira' which will tell a true story of how they fell in love. Speaking in an interview with Spark TV, Angela said that they will release the song on Valentines day that is 14th Feburary 2020, the fact that it is a special day for lovers. "I have a song with Daddy Andre titled 'Tonelabila', and we are going to release it in Valentines day because it is appropriate for the day and it is our truth, it reveals truth about our lobe story, how we fell in love, " she said. She added that Daddy Andre wrote, recorded and produced the song, she also sent a romantic Valentine message to Daddy Andre. "Tonelabila' was written, recorded and produced by Daddy Andre. Thank you for writing a good song, thank you for being a great musician, and a producer and I pray that we continue making good music together, we actually fell in love while writing this song, Andre I love you very much and I hope that whoever listens to this song feels the same way as Andre and I felt, Angella said.

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