Dembe FM Presenter Buyondo Sulaiman Admitted In Critical Condition.

Dembe FM Presenter and events organizer, Buyondo Sulaiman is currently at his worst after his health failed him and doctors have given him one year to live.

The father of a set of twins iis battling Cerebral Venous Thrombosis (CVT) and Brain AVM, a disorder that complicated the functioning of essential veins in the brain.

These complications were however a result of having dodged a major operation in India that was brought about by the COVID-19 lockdown. He also failed to raise 250 millions for the operation something that is putting his life at a dead end.

Although he is a father, his children are unaware of the pain he goes through as he chose to separate with then to spare then the pain. He has to take over twenty tablets a day for his normal body functioning.

Despite all this however, Sula is an enthusiastic radio presenter to the extent that one can not imagine how perilous Sula's health is to him.

Sulla, according to those close to him also confided in our reported how the presenter is an aspiring MP for Mityana South 2021.

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