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Desire Luzinda Attacks Ugandan Politicians For Being Hypocrites.

Celebrated song bird who turned from singing secular music to gosoel, Desire Luzinda has attacked politicians in Uganda, accusing them of being the perfect definition of hypocrites.

In a social media missive, the "Kimala" song maker pointed out that politicians are pre occupied with criticizing the NRM government for over staying in power yet themselves are running for a fourth term. She questioned those politicians who are contesting for more than a second term whether they are seeking change or monetary exploits.

"I know most of you did not get my point, but a person fighting with the government for overstaying in power when that same person has contested for the first, second, third and for the fourth time they are coming back… are we really fighting for change? I hope my Luganda is good. That was my thought and this chapter is closed. I love you,” she said.

She questioned some legislators whether they have any moral right to preach democracy when they themselves practise the opposite. She added that the young must also be given a clean path so that they can participate in running government business.

"Someone who has been in the legislature for one or two terms and wants re-elections while preaching democracy… very disturbing, funny and ironic! Does that mean there are no young contenders wearing fresh ideas and visions? Unless one has proved worthiness, do not re-elect the same people that have been in parliament irrespective of their mother-parties. I know some will take this personally but somewhere in my statement lies the truth,” she added.

Desire Luzinda's comments have come at a time Uganda's political atmosphere is extremely tense as 2021 general elections near.

A number of politicans such as Hon. Ruth Aceng have sought re election for MP seats.

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