Diamond Platinumz' Big Sister Reportedly Divorces Barely A Month After Marriage.

TANNZANIA: Esma Platinumz, an elder sister to Tanzanian music giant, Diamond Platinumz has called it quits only weeks after getting married to a reputable mogul.

It was all bliss and pomp as Esma tied the knot some few weeks ago in a luxurious wedding ceremony. All seemed to go well with the duo untill the clocks struck honeymoon time when the husband instead of spending the time with his newly wed wife, agreed it best to spend it with his first wives, something that irked the brown skinned bride.

Esma, regarding this as offensive retired back to her home and stopped wearing her wedding ring. As though, neglecting his bride on honey moon was not enough, the husband blocked Esma on all social media handles

A heartbroken Esma bared her sorrows on her WhatsApp statuses, with onne reading..

"Dream yangu 2020 imekufa hivi hivi" (My dream 2020 is almost dead!).

Do you think Esma was right to react in that way?

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