Diana Nabatanzi Pours Water On Rumors Of Her Being A Mother.

Diana Nabatanzi

Actress and TV personality, Diana Nabatanzi has trashed rumours that she is a mother.

The media personality his been rumored to have given birth to an undisclosed number of kids but hides them from the public eye.

Taking to social media, the gorgeous BBS Terefayina presenter revealed that she has never birthed anyone. She regards children as blessings.

'I can never hide kids if I had any.' she posted.

She however cautioned bloggers especially YouTube to refrain from  circulating fake news.

Unlike other celebrities, like Chosen Becky, Juliana among others, Diana Nabatanzi's womb has never seen children.

Below is Diana Nabatanzi's full post;

'Clarification I can never hide kids if I had any. I believe kids are a blessing & a blessing should be used to bless Others.

I love Children/ kids with all my heart, it's one of the things I've dreamt of since my childhood. If i had a child or children never in my life would i hide it at any point in my life. I dont think I would post them all over social media but atleast I would be proud to mention that am a parent. I have no biological children. God willing I will & gladly waiting for the day God will grant me such beautiful blessings.

Thank you My sister Bigy for blessing our family with the two beautiful kids that are my look alike🤣🤣. Am am so proud that they call me Mummy too. ( Mummy Dana🤣)

REQUEST: To the YouTubers who do self made interviews pretending that you've had a One on One with someone your doing the interview about. I understand you need content. But atleast, be honest & mention you didnt get a chance to interview the person.


This comes in good faith, I hope I answered the question that has filled my inbox for a while now. Though it's still okay to take what you want. Thanks to my Forevers who believe in me, love, support me for who iam. Dianah Forevers

This was affecting my Family, work, Charity & things I do. that's why I had to address it. I dont owe any One an explanation on my personal life but for this I had to to. Spread love But Not Hate.'


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