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Diiggy Baur To Sue Jose Chameleone, Bad Black Style.

Producer Diggy Baur has also emulated socialite  Bad Black after he was allegedly brutalized by Jose Chameleone  and has threatened to sue the singer for 50million.

Recently, Diggy Baur accused Jose of beating him up using his boys over un clear reasons. He thus banned him from ever entering his studios again.

He has however taken things to another level  after he has issued a notice to sue to the singer should he fail to apologise publicly for the harm and humiliation he inflicted on him.

Through his lawyers under Ngobi Ndiko Advocates. Baur has demanded that Jose must issue a public apology within a period of seven days failure of which legal action will be taken against him.

It should however be noted that Diggy Baur has produced a number of hits for the Leone island boss untill  recently when they severed ties.

Bad Black had also earlier threatened to sue the government over an unpaid COVID -19 advert. She was how ever paid an undisclosed sum by Balaam Barugahara.

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