Douglas Lwanga Bitter With Weasle's Post About Dj's Not Playing Ugandan Music.

Yesterday while appearing in his live show after5 on NBS TV, presenter Douglas Lwanga almost lost it out on singer Weasel. This came after the singer posted a controversial post on Weasel and Radio face book page.

Weasel posted and told off Ugandan DJs who refuse to play Ugandan music to go now and beg musicians abroad and bail them out in this Covid-19 misery

His post read “Ugandans DJs that refuse to play Ugandan music, go and beg abroad musicians whose music you play for survival now”

This post went viral in a less than 5 minutes and later Weasel pulled it off.

On reacting to the post, Douglas failed to describe Weasel. He said he lacked any kind word to describe Weasel as per his post. He seemed disappointed in Weasel considering that the accusation has been around for a good time.

Douglas said, Weasel’s accusations are false and baseless. Ugandan DJs are currently playing Ugandan music like never before.

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