Dr. Sebunya Turns In To Dr. Nabunya.

Husband to musician Rema Namakula known as Dr. Hamza Sebunya has been turned into a house wife by fans on social media.

This after Rema cut short Dr. Sebunya's interview with journalists in an authoritative voice during her concert at Hotel Africans. "Its time to go, " Rema told Dr. Sebunya.

This act was interpreted by fans as disrespectful making conclusions of Rema being the 'Boss' at home instead of her husband.

Fans have come up with memes mocking the couple, pinning Dr. Hamza as the wife at home.

However, some of the responsible people in the country have not taken this act lightly taking an example of Hon. Betty Nambooze Bakireke who penned down an open letter to Rema advising her to get her husband off showbiz.

"I advise you to get Dr.Ssebunya off the stage and back to the hospital. If Ssebunya keeps on attending your concerts and addressing audiences, he is going to become a member of the showbiz industry and be a target of the Media. The same way,I dont expect you to put a desk in the Doctor's room in Mulago and start examining patients is the same way Dr.Ssebunya should never be on stage for your shows. Its fine for him to sometimes attend your concerts but you must arrange for him an exclusive place to sit quietly and watch the show," Hon. Nambooze.

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