East Africa Got Talent Money Divides The Mutesasiras. 

Ezekiel and Esther Mutesasira won the East Africa’s Got Talent 2019 competition in October 2019.

The winners of $50,000 approximately Sh184m grand prize of the first edition EAGT trashed rumours circulating on social media that they were duped. After 4 months of waiting, they were anxious and scared that they might not receive their money.

According to a statement released on their social media accounts, the delay in releasing the funds has left them uneasy. “Hey Beloved ones, we are beyond frustrated, l am writing this to seek speedy resolution to the delayed release of East Africa Has Got Talent $50,000 cash prize that was supposed to be given to us the winners! Don’t get me wrong it’s been such an amazing experience very humbling meeting the president, inspiring other young kids and all the amazing people we’ve met along the way!” reads the statement. Sources at the Steven Mutesasira’s church in Kamokya revealed to us that the money has already divided the church. The Pastor has been looking at the money to clear his debts.

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