Eddie Mutwe Denies Being NRM Spy. 

H.E Bobi Wine's body guard Eddie Mutwe has blasted Ashburg Katto for mentioning him on the list of those that have been backbiting on the Kyandodo East Member Of Parliament.

The new NRM member recently claimed that Eddie Mutwe is a spy and disloyal to his boss, Bobi Wine.

The blogger went on to list other people power die hards and top colleagues such as Shafi Adams, Zawedde Viola, Senior Ronie, Joseph Washington among others as spies and hinted that they must have crossed to NRM before him but secretly.

However, the body guard was quick to fire back at Ashburg, refuting the blogger's claims.

"Being close to Kyagulanyi is the most precious thing so far, and if you are hardworking like some of us and leave him when you are poor, " that is how you will die cursing' Eddie Mutwe said.

Mutwe further told Katto to eat his cows in prace. " but tell your friend (Ashburg Katto) to eat his cows and leave me alone. I don’t know the amount of money one can pay me not to support Kyagulanyi, " Mutwe spit fire.

"Mr President (Bobi Wine), I swear to you I am still with you, and there is no amount of money they can ever bribe me with and I accept it to betray you.” the bearded bodyguard went on to re assure Bobi Wine of his undying loyalty.

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