Eddy Kenzo Betrayed Me, Aziz Azion Laments.

Singer, songwriter Aziz Mukasa alias Aziz Azion has revealed how he helped Eddy Kenzo be a star but he doesn't recognize him any where in his interviews nor talk to him. Speaking in an a interview with CBS FM, Aziz Azion told his story with Kenzo before his stardom, he said that he sheltered and fed him and also promote his music too. He said that he was disappointed in Kenzo when he hit the road and forgot about him and everything he did for him. He went on and said that Kenzo does not recognize his efforts, he only talks about Bobi Wine being his inspiration and a big rock to his stardom. " I am disappointed because I do not know what happened to Kenzo and the friendship we shared, we used to be good friends, we promoted each others music. The last straw was during Kenzo's interview after his successful concert last year, he was asked about the people who helped him and motivated him, he only mentioned Bobbi wine, but God being my witness, winot all people who witnessed our friendship, that was a naked lie. Bobi Wine is a role model to all of us but I was the one who helped Eddy Kenzo rise, " Azion said. He added that he does not need money or platforms but just a mere mention of his name as a friend who was there from scratch because it is a sign of appreciation. "It is not that i want money from him but just a mere recognition. Another interesting thing was, one time Kenzo needed a guitar from me but he didn't call me, rather used our mutual friend to contact me, this was a huge surprise to me , it left me wondering what could have happened to our friendship. However, I just say I forgave Kenzo and do not hold any grudge against him, " Azion added. However, the semyekozo singer revealed that Azion got rid of him and told him never to show his face ever again. "We started together with Aziz, but after doing my song known as him lonely', we got a small misunderstanding and he chased me away, he told me never to show my face to him ever again, since then, he has never told me to go back to him, " Kenzo said.

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