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Eddy Kenzo Cries Foul As Joel Senyonyi Ties The Knot.

Singer Edrisah Musuza alias Eddy Kenzo has lamented while congratulating People Power microphone, Joel Senyonyi upon officiating his marriage.

Eddy Kenzo

While congratulating Joel, Eddy Kenzo lamented that he was supposed to be the first  to tie the knot before Joel and wondered how he has been successful.

"My brother Joel okoze otya baaba mbadde manyi nze nsoka congratulations to you and your beautiful wife. Bobi and Babie much respect ," Eddy Kenzo posted.

Translation : 'My brother Joel, how have you done this? I thought I was the first. Congratulations to you and your beautiful wife. Bobi and Barbie, much respect.'

"Taata Aamal" recently has been in a struggle after his baby mama, Rema Namakula ditched him for Hamza Ssebunya. She accused him of being a 'semyekozo: (marriage delayer). Eddy Kenzo has been since single.

Joel Senyonyi who had been known for being a virgin, having vowed to only sleep with the woman he will marry tied the knot over the weekend.  Bobi Wine acted as his best man while his wife acted as a matron for Joel's wife. The lucky bride has been known as a former NTV presenter.

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