Eddy Kenzo Describes His Ideal 'Mugole'

Edrisah Musuuza must already be moving on after his long term baby mama, Rema Namakula ditched him for Hamza Ssebunya. He has thus enlisted who his ideal bride should be.

Just days after returning from Ivory Coast, Eddy Kenzo seems to have yielded to public demand that he should parade a 'mugole' to replace Rema Namakula. However, he is wary to marry just anybody that comes his way.

According to Eddy Kenzo, the ideal 'Mugole' must not be so conversant with any Ugandan local languages as she is unlikely to understand Ugandan gossip of take it seriously.

To him, the ideal bride must not have spent a big amount of time in Uganda as gossip is unlikely to affect her. She must therefore not be so gossip sensitive.

"I want a bride who never grew up or spent much time in Uganda. She should not be well conversant with any local language. For that matter, however much you gossip about anything, she won't understand or pay attention to it." he posted on his socials.

It is speculated that he could have hooked some one in Ivory Coast as he is continuously giving hints he wants an international 'mugole.'

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