Eddy Kenzo Is A Beggar - Ashburg Kato.

Ex People Power die hard and re known Blogger, Ashburg Kato has revealed that famous musician, Eddy Kenzo is a beggar. He relayed to the public how the 'tweyagale' singer requested President Museveni to fund his music video shoots.

According to the blogger, Eddy Kenzo admired Bebe Cool's flashy video shoots and this prompted the singer to run to President Museveni for some funds too.

Eddy Kenzo

This comes after Rema's ex came out to express disappointment and criticize Ashburg Kato's cross over to the ruling NRM.

"Mubanga begendereza bantu bange naye ensi nzibu and life is not fair," Eddy Kenzo indirectly ridiculed the blogger.


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