Eddy Kenzo Missing His Daughter,  Wishes To See Her Before He Dies.

Famed musician, Edrisah Musuza alias Eddy Kenzo is currently lamenting over his daughter's absence.

Following his separation from his ex girlfriend, Rema Namakula who left him for Dr. Hamza Ssebunya , the 'semyekozo' hit maker has been nursing wounds.

Upon seeing his daughter, Aamal Musuza in Rema's pictures with Hamza, Eddy Kenzo took to Gus social media to lament over how he misses his daughter.

The 'tweyagale' singer emphasized that life is too short and would love to spend quality time with his daughter.

"But Aamal has grown up but I hope to see him before I die. Life is too short these days because we are living in a reluctant society, " the singer posted on Facebook.

Eddy Kenzo is currently in Ivory coast while Aamal Musuza is with the Ssebunyas.

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