• Khinamura

Eddy Kenzo Returns Home From 'Exile.''

After a lengthy four months stuck in Ivory Coast, musician Eddy Kenzo real names Edrisah Musuuza has already arrived and is currently inhaling Ugandan oxygen.

Earlier, President Museveni directed the immediate closure of airports due to the novel Corona virus. Flights in and out of the country were halted. This however found Eddy Kenzo in Ivory Coast were he had gone to perform.

He was then forced to lament how he misses home and his daughters back in Uganda especially Aamal Musuuza. He however managed to interact with his fans live on social media platforms. He also released new hits such as 'Sonko'

He has however made a comeback after the Government embarked on the repatriation of Ugandans stuck in West Africa among which Kenzo falls.

Aboard the Ugandan airlines,Kenzo has already been sighted jubilant with some of hiss fans leaving many to question if he will not be quarantined as the Ministry of Health had planned.

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