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Eddy Yawe On Rumours Of Crossing To NRM.

H.E Bobi Wine’s brother and People Power diehard, Eddy Yawe has responded to rumours circulating that he had secretly met with the President to discuss his possible shift from the red group to the yellow camp.

Eddy Yawe

Rumour has been circulating of Yawe’s defection to NRM for a while now until it was strengthened when Full Figure, a presidential adviser said that the musician had already broken ties with People Power. She went ahead to allege that the cause of Yawe-Bobi conflict was Bobi Wine’s refusal to uphold and support Yawe’s 2016 Parliamentary bid.

Trashing the rumours as baseless in a telephone Conversation, Eddy Yawe revealed it was impossible for him to shift to NRM citing among other reasons, tyranny, dictatorship, unemployment, the poor education system, the dead health system, corruption and bribery.

We already lost a lot at the hands of Museveni. We have been able to get where we are because of exceptional hard work. Our parents fought for a better Uganda but were betrayed, so how then could I think of betraying them to team up with the traitors,” Yawe said.

He added that being a DP member who believes in People Power’s ideology, there was no way he could shift to NRM.

I am still a DP member who believes in People Power’s ideology and I am not considering changing that for any reasons. I believe in People Power because after failing to dislodge Museveni through political parties, I believe it’s time to try a new strategy,” he ranted.

On claims that his multibillion building was constructed using funds from Museveni, he denied the allegations wondering how one can believe that the building, which is over ten years ago could be funded by a man they claim he just met days ago.

That house has been there for over ten years. How then can one say it was built for me by Museveni whom they claim I just met in these days! ” he said.

He criticised those who air out bad publicity asserting that he has never in his life met the President.

Their aim is to break our family into pieces so that they decide them so as to leave Bobi Wine alone so they can break his spirits easily. Mickie was attacked, Bajjo was attacked and so were all the others but good enough we handle this attacks as a family,” He said concerning bad publicists.
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