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Eight Productive Ways To Spend Your Quarantine.

With the government confining its citizens within their homes, banning massive social gatherings, putting in place curfews, suspending public transport and many other restrictions in the name of preventing the spread of the Corona Virus, a dangerous threat to human existence globally, the average Ugandan is much more likely to die more from acute boredom than hunger while staying home.

While activities such as playing video games, watching movies and extreme doses of sleep can curb boredom, they can be extremely health threatening make you dull and add nothing to your life.

However, here are ten ways you can expel boredom and be more active within your home without wasting your life or raping the presidential directives concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

Exercising as frequently as possible.

Eating with very little physical activity can make you look like a whale and we all know obesity can be hazardous to your health. While the gym is closed in this period, a few simple workout moves such as push-ups, jogging within your home’s vicinity, stretching and weight lifting can do wonders for your health and help you maintain a healthy weight.

Read a book.

Books are fountains of wisdom. Reading is extremely advantageous to the brain as it keeps it busy. Non-fiction books are better than fiction although both are okay. Reading books makes you wiser and knowledgeable in various fields. After COVID-19 has been humiliated and buried, you will be able to talk about various topics sensibly. Ignorance is not always bliss.

A little gardening won’t hurt bro!

While many of us hate ‘dirty work’ like grabbing a hoe and playing with the soil, it is a clean way of spending your Quarantine. Plant a few fancy crops, flowers, trees on some little piece of land no matter how tiny it may be. Your Grandma is going to be proud of you asap.

Bond more with your loved ones.

No one will love and care for you as much as your family. Talk more with your sibling, play with the last born, help with the baby-sitting, discuss real issues with your spouse, help her with the chores and always respect your parents. One day, one of them will be gone and you will miss them.


It doesn’t matter whether you are male. Beg your mama or wife to let you cook. Try out new spices. Use google and learn the procedures. In future, you won’t starve due to ignorance and mediocrity.

Learn simple skills.

No need to call in the plumber, the electrician or any other professional. Fix the sink, fix he fallen wall, repair a torch, re install an electric switch around your home. These simple skills will come in handy and keep you busy. However, if the problem is major for example a broken live wire, call the professional fast. No need burning the whole neighborhood.

Sports and Games.

Work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Imagine, you have no work and no play, that makes you even DULLER. Play a sport within your compound. A ball made from banana fibres is good to go. Indoor games like chess, draft, and scrabble are good for an individual. When COVID-19 is no more, you may challenge anyone on national level.


Art does not merely mean drawing a fancy object from your imagination, it involves creating works for appreciation due to their emotional or aesthetic appeal. In that sense, you can write anything say poetry, a story, a novel, a play. You might become Shakespeare’s equal once you show your works to the world. Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa has braved the thick and thin of history to be one of the most appreciated works of Art. Draw a picture. These activities are undoubtedly better than snoring the whole day in the couch.

Quarantine is technically the time that you can use to do the things you lacked the time to do while you worked or studied. It is time to unleash the Picasso in you. With the above recommendations, the average Ugandan is unlikely to die of acute boredom.

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