• Khinamura

Eulogy To The Late Maj. General Kasirye Ggwanga. 1957-2020.

Elegy 1734.

The candle light has dimmed,

His breath, has regretfully diminished,

His heart has gone, for a long slumber.

The nation has lost its dear,

The army has lost one of the bravest deer,

The children have lost a brilliant father,

And his wife is now the lead mourner.

Rest In Peace, Major general,

Your fight for freedom made you a hero,

Your brave deeds distinguished you,

No wonder this Tuesday, The sun did not shine to its full.

Rest In Peace, Major General,

Though some have detested you,

You have been a glow in many hearts,

And surely, very surely,

The nation shall miss your many virtuoso deeds.

And shall be dearly missed.

We mourn, Your Children mourn,

The nation mourns.  

Rest in peace.

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