Embattled Bryan White 'Rapes' Parliamentary Summons.

Faded socialite Bryan White has defied Parliamentary Summons after his accusers pinned him to Parliament for legal action.

Stella Nandawula and Vivian Mutanda, who accuse Bryan White of sexual harassment, torture and forceful multiple abortion last week crucified the socialite as they testified to the effect that the money bag was a sex pest.

This induced the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights to summon Bryan White to answer the accusations rained on him by the girls.

The C.E.O of Bryan White foundation has however shunned the Parliamentary summons, declining to turn up at the counters of Justice swearing never to appear before the committee.

He claims that the accusations are biased, baseless and aimed at tarnishing his public image as a ‘reputable and charitable’ business man.

He is said to have employed the services of his lawyers to file a defamation case against his rape accusers.

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