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EPISODE EIGHT (FINAL) REUNITING, The End Story Of Lita And Nukwita.


A lengthy silence befell the ambience during which the two exchanged lengthy glances. The cracking of popcorns and sipping of tea had halted suddenly. It was still dark outside but the house was as bright as day light. Dancehall songs hammered away from the television. He sat on the far end of the sofa whilst Lita sat on the opposite end. He had a thick mustache which brought out the stoicism oh his face. His head was thoroughly trimmed and he had a brown like skin pigment. He wore a violet pyjama and his glasses had been removed, to allow his shower. He had proceeded immediately upon arrival to arrange for her shower and managed to convince her, he was harmless. "I am your Dad." he repeated to break the silence. "How come?" she was confused. "How come Mama told us you had disappeared and....' " All that Is untrue. She twisted the whole thing." "Wh- what happened?" she stammered uncomfortably For a moment, he was quiet. He shot a glance at the Television, then at the immaculately painted ceiling then at the girl who was about to call her Dad. "One thing she told you was true." he declared then looked away. "I neglected you, my daughters."  Lita was attentive. Nothing mattered to her anymore than what her Dad had to say. "It's just that, I was kidnapped just like you were." he revealed.  "Chisos!!" was the exclamation uttered in response to the revelation.  "Not like you though." He said. He did not look like he wanted to go into details.  "How" asked Lita. "Come hither." he said. He made her be near to him in the sofa. Her head rested on his shoulder as he narrated his story. "Once upon a time" he began. "I was a love struck man with ambition, I fell in love with thy mother, Jane, It was a rough rough ride in the 1990's. I was then a hawker of eats, a hawker!! Till I met Jane, Jane challenged me so.. And I worked..like a hog till I became successful. But the world is not for the successful my dear, And so one calm Sunday morning, While I was resting outside my house, suddenly sprung a deer, Inform of a human being, with five or six men, strong in making, They grabbed my coat and my made me fear, Fear for Jane's life, I could not stop loving.. They took me, tortured me, starved me,  And made .e surrender all my hard earned pennies, I later learnt, your mother Jane hired them, I later learnt she paid them less,  And forced the goons to take her every wealth.. I can forgive... I can...." "Are you sleeping.." "No" came Lita's weak sleepy voice. She was slowly drifting into sleep.  She dreamt of the man who said was his Dad. He had said his name was John Nyankole. He saw him shooting at her mother! Oh, the bitter past. It was q tense atmosphere back in Nakawa. Mama Lita had not worked for the five days since she disappeared. The Police was on several occasions asking for a monetary advance to quicken the search for the girl but nothing had been realised so far. The nights had been extremely long during which she never closed her eyes. When she did, which was extremely rare, she would immediately be assailed by nightmares of death and ghosts that forced her to wake up. She had lost weight. She never smiled.  Nukwita was no different. She had long forgotten her moments with Specie Achipah and her friend. Although she seemed to remember the moments of intimacy she had had with her friend, they came as far fetched memories from the past. She had abandoned her phone and rarely even touched it. She watcher her mother grow sad each and every hour. She thought she would soon run mad and end up in the streets as a mad woman, which so often happened to mothers who had lost their daughters to serial killers. Hope was slowly diminishing that Lita could be found alive. The five days were extremely challenging as they could not eat. On this particular evening, Mama Lita and Nukwita sat silently in the small cubicle. A few empathetic neighbours had also gathered and sat quietly. An onlooker could easily tell that perhaps, someone had died and funeral preparations were under way. "Kitalo" said one elderly woman who had also lost a child. The declaration seemed to sink deep into the souls of those gathered that they kept even note silent than before.  They did not hear a car come to a halt outside nor did anyone seem to have seen it. It was a white range rover. A few neighbours saw it but went on with their business as cars were common sights here. It could be someone who just wanted to park and mind his own business.  They did not hear the car doors open and closed. They must have  assumed that these sounds were far fetched too. They could even most likely be in their imagination as reality was too painful to believe. They did notice the curtain being tampered with and q new figure standing between the for frame. They did not notice the eyes of someone they were familiar with thinking, perhaps this is just another 'mourner' They heard the voice calling 'Mama Mama' as this too could easily have been a hallucination. Lita looked at the tiny gathering and mused to herself. She knew she was the reason. She watched her mother looking at the ground, a tired old woman, she thought. "Mama-" she suddenly shouted enough for them to hear and suddenly flew to embrace her mother. 'Leave me" Mama Lita screamed with the assumption that this was another ghost that had returned o haunt her.  "No!!" Lita cried and clung to her like a leech. Her mother scrutinised her thoroughly, feeling her body and finally, with q mighty cry, she announced her daughter was now safe. The fathered crowd shouted along her and vowed to prepare a feast. It was an emotional encounter with Nukwita. The sisters  hugged, kissed, hugged, kissed and re hugged themselves.  "Whose car?" They asker her. As though they had performers a magic trick, a car door snapped open and well dressed man in glasses,clad in a grey suit, a tie and pitch black shoes closed the car door and stood. Mama Lita stood electrified.  "Joh-- John" she stammered. "You know him Ma?" asked Nukwita Mama Lita nearly fainted but John behaved like a gentleman and explained how he was a close family friend to the neighbours and so no need to panic.  They were further put to ease when Lita narrated how he rescued her from the jaws of death but left out the father bit. When at last, they we're alone. Four of them, Lita explained to Nukwita the whole story. "You can't believe him can you?" Nukwita had clapped back at her.

"It is true." the woman who had fainted had said weekly.  "John" she hugged the father of her kids.  "I forgive you" he whispered. "It is my duty to protect my children from any harm from now on" he added in a calm tone.

EPILOGUE. John and his family re united.  John and his family relocated, To a better bigger home, earlier described, It was all but joy like a a soul revived. Nukwita became pregnant, Though it hurt her patents so, Bore beautiful bouncing boy, And never heard of the one that made her pregnant. To kill a woman is a cowardly crime, But so is killing a man. The separation of Parents, Bring grave results to their offspring, Bring so many conflicts... So many wars... That could be avoided by uniting... THE END.

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