EPISODE SEVEN; THE ESCAPE, The Story Of Lita And Nukwita.

LITA AND NUKWITA:  "Room 303" a metallic voice woke her up.  It was dark without a single light with the exception of the dim torches of her captors.

Two figures shot forward. She could see the figures approach, like living ghosts. They grabbed her limbs and proceeded to go to what she thought was room 303. It was impossible to tell what time it was in this kind of setting. Lita knew she must have dozed off when  the guards broke in. It was impossible to think that the girl that had warned her of room 303 was still alive given the condition she had been snatched from her. Her heart was in  her mouth as she tried to wriggle herself free from the strong grasp of the men. She had not eaten for a long time but her energy was enough to scare the guards that she could wriggle free. For this, another two men were ordered to carry a limb each which made four men. The group again passed a dim lit corridor. It was all calm, except the cries of Lita, who begged anyone near to rescue her. It was possible, she thought that somewhere in hiding, perhaps even invisible lay a good Samaritan, an Angel perhaps who was probably hearing impaired and one had to shout for them to hear her cries. They climbed a long staircase which was even darker. The men were probably accustomed to the darkness that they knew each and every corner, a stair ending, a stair start, they knew everything. Room 303 was a highly lit up safe room, with the expanse  of a standard conference room. It had very unusual technology Lita' could hardly describe.

A bed, which, in it's design and make up very much was synonymous to a hospital bed stood in the midst of the room. The bed had  thick stands which Lita imagined bore a thousand tiny gadgets for which purpose she was at loss to discern. Beside the bed lay a chair and on all walls, heavy machines lay. On the far side of the bed lay a desk on which stood a computer, and q handful of hand outs. She could almost make out somebody behind it, busy typing away as though he had not heard them enter. 'Hold her' said the man who ordered others. He  proceeded, in his black uniform and approached the computer desk.  He was so respectful as though he was greeting some one of utmost importance. Lita saw him almost bowing and muttered some inaudible words.  He must have mentioned something that struck up the interest of the mysterious man behind the desk because the man craned his neck and revealed a highly familiar face to  Lita. 

In  her mind and heart, Lita felt like screaming. Although she had never seen Mr. Dangote in glasses, she recognised him neat and clean. She at once lost her calm and thought that perhaps, he could recognize and empathise with her. It could also be possible for him to order her to be set free. "Hey" she shouted, waving "It's me. Lita.. Don't you remember? Help Help meeee..." she shouted for him to hear. He turned his eyes toward her and shot her a blank indifferent look.   "It's me it's me" she cried.. "Don't you-!" "SHUT UP!!!" clicked a voice she had never heard before. She was certain the man in glasses had spoken. She had seen his lips move and his expression turn to vicious. She was confused. Is this Mr. Dangote or his twin brother. The other Dangote was as friendly as God and his voice was calm. At his signal, she was made to lie on the bed where she felt a certain force gluing her back to it. She could barely move her body anyhow, except for the head. The reality was dawning on her like twilight. She knew, it was possible they could do anything they wanted with her body. Incapacitation, humiliation, dismemberment or anything that could bring harm to the human body was highly  evitable. 

Her heart was thumping louder than normal. She was sweating profusely. She tried moving her body but it was vanity upon vanity.

"You're dismissed " he said. The four men who had brought her immediately matched out the room.

Mr. Dangote rose. He was clad in a laboratory coat inside which was a white and black office shirt and trouser. The shoes were all black, giving him the air and likelihood of a prominent doctor. He sat on the chair beside the bed and glared into her eyes as fiercely as he could.

Lita's nerves were on riot. It was him. Him that persuaded her to believe that trusting a good looking person was morally alright. It was him that had persuaded her to take a drink that she had not tasted for years, nor had she intended to. It was him that had brought her in this deserted prison. It was him that was the chief of the place. She wondered why God could give innocent handsome faces faces  evil dark dark hearts. Perhaps, God was non existent and it is only those biological procedures that made one handsome or beautiful and his upbringing crafted the heart to become what it is.

"Do you know why you are here?" Mr. Dangote in his real calm voice said, looking into her eyes.

Lita kept quiet. She could not express the fury and anger that she nursed within her and she thought, silence would make him understand.

"You keep silent, You are punished. You speak the TRUTH." he said. Silence  "For the last time." Lita was facing the ceiling scrutinizing the hidden bulbs. "Do you know why you are here?" "I DON'T KNOW." she shouted. "How could I know? You brought me here." she shouted immovably. Only her chest could  be seen heaving up and down.  Her head still ceiling-wise.

Suddenly, she heard her left fingers cracking from a sudden blow. She screamed. The man in black who had remained had hit her fingers with a club. "THE TRUTH!!" said the cruel Dangote voice. It was so brutal that Lita found herself shaking, like a worm immersed in heated water. "For each lie you tell, each limb will be broken." said the kind Mr. Dangote calmly.

"Do you know why you are here?"  "Yes." Lita said painfully. "To torture me, to sell me, to dismember me, to kill...."  "NONSENSE!" said Mr. Dangote. "You are here to be free. Free from the outside world's cruelty." he looked at her as though with some idea that she was digesting his words bit by bit. "We give you a new life here. A new begriming, a new profession, or a new face if you CHOOSE to." "How?" she asked, almost forgetting the misery she lay in."How can I get a  profession with out qualifications?" her mind was racing. It was not bad after all. She would make money and take to her poor mother. "You HAVE the qualifications." "Huh.-" "Your body." Lita's heart sank. She knew he was talking of harlotry. She had sworn never to indulge in acts of harlotry in her life. To her, it was the undoable, the ultimate SIN. "If you want, we can alter your face so that you look different from your real self.  In this way, you wont be seen by those who know you. You'll BE FREE!! We have a branch where you can work with excellent allowances, a car, millions..." "No!" she interposed "No. It is impossible. I can't." Silence...

"Lita." Mr. Dangote kindly soothed her arm on which her fingers had been smashed, his voice softening. "You realise that by refusing, you sacrifice yourself to us.? We do not have the power to make you work because you may go free, as you may hate the job and return to  your old ways. We NEED your whole heart on the job. But we have the power to snatch your LAST BREATHE. Lita,  "Your last Breathe"

Her heart was thundering. She had the sense of being lost. But she grew up believing that harlotry is worse than death. So which was better, Dying for a virtuous cause or living uncouthly.

" When you refuse" the voice went on " We of course dismember you ALIVE and give the parts to those who need them, or sell them, to pay our staff. So you need to think.  I will give you an hour." Mr. Dangote rose and made to return to his desk as though nothing had happened.

After a few minutes, Mr. Dangote rapped out strict directions to the black uniformed guard and left with the words 'I'll be back in a few.'

Lita was all alone with the guard. Her mind worked like clock work when finally, she hit an idea.

"Excuse me." she said. "When was the last time you ploughed a girl's territory?" 

The man's eyes suddenly widened in disbelief. 'Last year.' he whined, shooting a hungry glance at her lower dress which only halted at her knees. They were glued tight together by the machine.

"The time is now;" she said with a bright smile. "Just a quickie"

The man chuckled softly and wasted no time in caressing Lita's body. When she came to her thighs, it was necessary to loosen the machine so he could utilise opportunities to their fullest.

He pressed a dial on the Dangote's desk, immediately making Lita free to move any part. She stood up, although with some difficulty and blew the guard one of those kisses she had seen in western movies.

Her seduction was so perfect that the guard lost his strength. Lita pushed him to the 'hospital bed and almost simultaneously, pressed the same dial, gluing the guard to the bed.

He shouted but Lita managed tape his mouth and rushed, as fast as her legs could carry her to the exit. It was loose, much to her relief. She did not look back but barefooted, she ran.

She continued racing and reached down stairs where she his from passing guards in a Tom Cruise style.

Lita knew that the most  painful experience a man could go through was when his balls were hit as hard as possible. With this knowledge, she allowed one guard to see her, he immediately flew on her but she dodged the blow, and gave him a kick with all her  might, felling him to the ground. She dragged him to a corner, covered his mouth and grilled him on the whereabouts of the exit.

"Just there " cried the man with suppressed pain. He was pointing at a tiny door at the far end of the corridor. She however added him another kick, just to assure him that one can live, even with an incapacitated ball.

She immediately flew to the tiny door slowly opened it only to see two guards standing, looking up.

She immediately took advantage of her hind position and hit the two guards at the  same time using her two hands. She immediately flew, happy to get some fresh air but with anxiety and a feeling of being pursued.

It was night and the moon was shining. The stars were also twinkling. She could see that she was running in the direction of a thicket. And she ran with all her might. Through the tall grasses she flew, fell down a thousand times but the need for freedom was bigger than the hurt, she got pierced several times by thorns but resting was no remedy.

At long last, she reached a road. It was muddy and she could see no body on the road when suddenly, head lamps shone on her and she realised she was on the wrong side of the road.

The car stopped in front of her. Anxious to get as far away from her captors as possible, she anxiously explained to the thin man, who wore glasses behind the steering wheel how she had been kidnapped and was being pursued.

"Get in Get in" the man said impatiently.

Lita sighed heavily as she sank into the hind leather chairs of the Prado.

Is Lita's rescuer another villain or he is truly an angel? 

Check out the next episode next Friday.

......Watch out for the next episode next Friday.....

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