EXCLUISIVE; New Mind Blowing Secrets Behind Sheebah And Jeff Kiwa's Split.

Insiders at Jeff Kiwa’s Team No Stress (TNS) music label have revealed mind blowing secrets on why Kiwa fell out with famed songbird, Sheebah Karungi.

Sheebah Karungi

Although the ‘Nakyuka’ singer still features ‘TNS’ in her songs, she and Jeff Kiwa are still nursing wounds of a split which saw the two separate unlike the old days when Kiwa would take the songbird on trips in Dubai and other countries.

Sheebah and Jeff Kiwa

It has been revealed that Jeff Kiwa’s lover, Mutoni Etania whose hustle for a living is based in Thailand and Dubai has been the cause of the row between Sheebah and Kiwa.

    Jeff Kiwa and Mutoni Etania


Mutoni found ill and was never comfortable with Sheebah and Kiwa hanging out together in town on account of her being abroad. Her fury was further heightened when he learnt that the two were going on sprees in Dubai without her consent.

Mutoni was however more than furious when she learnt that the TNS boss had built Sheebah a house. Mutoni thought that Kiwa was constructing a mansion for himself and her to take things to another level only to find out it was for the ‘Mummy Yoo’ hit maker.

What if it was you, how would you feel? Let’s get real, I was so heartbroken” Mutoni was quoted as having lamented.

Sheebah's Crib

In retaliation, Etania is said to have hooked herself  a secret lover in Dubai after pressuring Kiwa to take the house he had constructed for Sheebah back but in futility.

Realizing the jeopardy in which the whole business would land her, Sheebah distanced herself from Kiwa. He could after all establish her own label ‘Sheebah Establishments Ltd;

Mutoni Etania

However, Jeff still insists that Sheebah is still a property of TNS which accounts for her still featuring TNS in her songs to date.

Efforts to contact Jeff and Sheebah on this new revelation proved futile as their known contacts were switched off.

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