EXCLUSIVE; " I Am So Heart Broken, " Canary Mugume Going Crazy Over Girlfriend Cheating With Mzungu.

NBS TV's Journalist Canary Mugume is currently nursing a heart ache after learning that his long time girlfriend is actually cheating on him.

We recently reported that Sasha is cheating with a German rich dude identified as Philpp Kopp and is currently in Berlin staying in his apartment.

New info coming through from our reliable sources is that Canary is so heartbroken and currently not doing well after being told that his girlfriend is staying with a man in Berlin.

However, Sasha has kept on lying to him pretending to be staying in a friend's apartment known as Sharon ( Instagram name Sharon ian96).

We have also learnt that Sasha deleted all her photos that showed Philip's shadow off her Instagram in Berlin.

According to a source whop prefers anonymity, Sasha is cheating on Canary due to his financial disability that is why she gets rich dudes just like Philip Kopp.

Close sources to Canary have revealed to us that he is not doing so well after trusting his long time girlfriend so much and she has ended up disappointing him.

" Canary is going crazy and ca not believe that Sasha is actually cheating on hi,." Close source said.

It has also been reported that this has affected his concentration at work (NBSTV) and he is now thinking about quitting.

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