EXPOSED; Vivienne Mbuga Accuses Hubby Of Domestic Violence.

All is not well with the 'Mbugas' as the tycoon's wife Vivienne Mbuga accuses him of Domestic Violence.

Taking to her social media platforms, Vivienne revealed that her husband is very jealousy forcing him to hack into her social media pages just to check her dms, she revealed that she had to open new accounts for herself.

‘Stop domestic violence. Since you hacked into my Instagram account, hack in this one too, ” she said on social media on Sunday.

She furthjer noted that despite the violence shes being subjected to, she is still holding on to her marriage to thye city tycoon due to fear that another woman will come in and reap from her hardwork.

“Sometimes women stay with dysfunctional partner out of fear that the next woman will reap out of the hard work she put in, nope.,” she wrote.

This couple has had very many troubles with the hand of law as they have been accused of fake gold deals and money laundering. Its alleged that the couple has hustled through thick and thin to accumulate their wealth and probably it’s the reason why they are still together despite having many marital problems.

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