Fallen Tycoon Jabar’s Widow in Property Battle With In-lawsFallen Tycoon Jabar’s Widow In Property.

Reports coming in reveal that there is a serious battle of slain city tycoon Ali Abdul Jabbar Ali Sayyd's property between his widow and relatives, which has forced the widow to run to court seeking custody of her late husband’s assets.

In a notice filed before High Court’s Family Division, Fatma Mohammed Ali is seeking to take charge of family property after 14 days of no complaint against her wish.

Jabar was gunned down by an in-law who used his own gun on October 21, 2019. His sister-in-law, Zaina Kamara, was playing with Pistol No. UG IND BONK 444 03175 (Glock Pistol) when it went off, shattering Jabar’s chest.

The incident happened at Kampala Independent Hospital in Ntinda, where the deceased had gone to check on his wife who had undergone a C-section. He was buried a week later at Kololo Muslim Cemetery along Archer Road, Kololo, an upscale city suburb of Kampala.

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