Fans React To Rema's Conduct Of Dragging Chris Evans Off Stage.

Rema's concert on Valentines day 14th February was covered by so many bizarre acts, one of which was her reaction towards Chris Evans joke about Eddy Kenzo during their performance. It should be noted that during their performance, Chris Evans twisted the lyrics of their song 'Linda' and included Kenzo's name ( Rema's ex) where after Rema reacted bitterly and dragged him off her stage. This sparked off different reactions within the fans where some jumped on to her defense and others attacked her behavior. Different media analysts concluded that she would have played it easy because music is all about art. Some have taken this joke as a pay back after Rema's mocking introduction of Chris Evans on stage with comments of him being hit with fifteen hammers on his head but survived with no scratch. However, many were against Chris Evans joke saying that it was un appropriate the fact that Dr. Hamza Sebunya was seated in the audience. It is also reported that Rema demanded for an apology from fellow artist Chris Evans for ruining her moment on stage and worst of all with her husband Dr. Sebunya in the audience.

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