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Faridah Nakazibwe Finally Issues An Apology For Referring To Speaker Kadaga As "Used Condom".

Yesterday Sunday, Social media went ablaze as NTV news anchor’s Faridah Nakazibwe controversial tweet caused havoc. Faridah tweeted attacking the speaker of Parliament of Uganda.

This was after the Speaker of Parliament of Uganda announced that every legislator would receive Ugx 20M for sensitizing people in their constituencies about Covid-19.

Faridah warned off the speaker not to come to us Ugandans crying foul after she passed the controversial ugx10bn to Mps.

Faridah’s tweet read; “Tomorrow you will come to us crying noi noi how you’re used and discarded as an Ngabo Condom”.

This tweet never went down well with the speaker. She retaliated and retweeted in the same controversial way. She said that all the information was transcribed in all local languages and hoped Faridah had read.

Last night, Faridah settled the score and conceded defeat. She publicly apologized for her tweet.

"I am truly sorry to all those affected by my previous tweet. As a mother who has seen women desperate for something to feed their children on, I got concerned that money was being given to MPs rather than deducted from them to help feed the less privileged."

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