Faridah Nakazibwe Trashes Allegations Of Contesting For Parliamentary Seat Come 2021.

Faridah Nakazibwe

NTV's Luganda news anchor  and Mwasuze Mutya host has been suspected to be planning to join active politics, contesting for Member Of Parliament come 2021. Her loyal fan identified as Sipho Nyiro took to Twitter and  hinted that the gorgeous media personality is most likely to contest for a parliamentary seat judging from the way she carried herself these days. The same fan claimed that Faridah had proven her worth when she ridiculed the Parliamentary occupants for sharing 10Billion shillings whilst the majority of Ugandans are battling starvation and stomach ulcers arising from hunger. "Faridah Nakazibwe most likely to run for Member Of Parliament in 2021. Why I support @fasnakazibwe for MP? Her strength had been witnessed in the 10 Billion that was sharer amongst MPs....' reads in part Nyiro's post.

The fan further claimed that it is Faridah's voice that made the MPs vomit out the money back to the government. Faridah Denies Claims. However, the NTV Mwasuze Mutya host trashed the claims claiming that politics is not the only solution to the problems of citizens, rather it's the unification of the citizens that can solve the country's ulcers. "The current state of affairs in Uganda is not about our government, but us people. It shouldn’t be about Faridah, but us all. Are you satisfied with your current leadership? If yes, vote them back. If not, encourage those you think can make better leaders, to stand, and support them, like your future, and that of your offspring depends on it, because it does," Faridah replied.

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