Faridah To Convert To Christianity, Piles Divorce Papers As She Gets Back To The Father Of Her Kids.

Just as the saying goes," first cut is the deepest", NTV Luganda news anchor,Faridah Nakazibwe is suitably turning the saying to reality.

Our gossip desk has landed on news that the aging sexy presenter has decided to get back to the father of her two children known as Dan Nankunda.

Word on the street has it that Dan and Farida have been secretly meeting as they talk about reconciling for the sake of their children.

However, one big mouthed source that Faridah has been confiding into tipped us that Dan stood still to his two legs and told her the same statement that made their union break down many years back. She was told off  to convert into Christianity if any marriage arrangements are to happen.

Faridah, counting down with her hands a number of men that have come and broke her heart with age taking its toll on her, it is believed that she is ready to give in finally.

Legally, Faridah is still married to Dubai based doctor Ssali Omar despite their marriage break down. She accuses Omar of running their marriage on lies. She even dropped his ring and name.

A source in Sembabule where Faridah hails from tells us she has been frequenting there with different friends and she ponders to re -introduce Dan again. But she has to first arrange divorce papers.

Dan is a mechanical engineer. The two met many years back while both working for WBS TV and in less than a year of meeting, Dan had ballooned Faridah twice that resulted into two beautiful daughters.

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