Farming is My Second Calling, Rema.

Songstress Rema Namakula has affirmed that aside from music, she has passion for farming too. During an interview with journalists, Rema revealed that though she still has long music career aspirations that she is yet to achieve, she would most surely look at focusing on farming as a fall back plan seeing that she is already practicing farming on the side. “I am not only into music, I am a farmer and that would be my second calling once I decide to draw the curtains on music,” Rema said. She also added that she is yet to get to the level of success that she wants for herself but while she is considering her time and relevance in the music industry she will focus on her family and farming with a contemplated possibility of going back to school in the mix. “I would definitely also want to go back to school soon although I will not disclose the course as yet, but it would all depend on what fits right for me,” This comes out as Rema prepares for her upcoming concert, promising fans nothing but a spectacularly dazzling concert this month on Friday, February 14 at Hotel Africana.

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