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Fifi Da Queen Demands Health Minister's Resignation Or Face Court.

Celebrated media queen, Phiona Nqbitegeero well known as Fifi Da Queen has sided with angry Ugandans and called for the resignation of controversial Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng.

Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng.

This anger was sparked off by a series of videos and photos that went viral on social media in which the Minister is seen addressing a huge gathering without any social distancing. To make matter worse, she had no face mask on her and social media analysts pointed out that it is highly likely that she did not wash her hands with sanitizer. This sparked off anger since it's the same minister that advised on social distancing and the use of masks. It is illegal to even walk without a mask in a public place and a number have been arrested. Among these angry ones are Fifi Da Queen who took to social media and demanded the immediate resignation of the minister or face court jurisdiction.

Fifi Da Queen

“Hon. Aceng you have nothing to tell us, actually resign from your position. If not, we are going to use your pictures as reference and evidence about the existence of Corona in Uganda in courts of law. We are tired of the prison where you are keeping us,” she posted.

However, earlier this Sunday, Hon. Aceng defended herself explaining that she was not addressing a political gathering, rather educating youths on the proper use and wearing of masks. She also explained that Ugandans simply refused to maintain social distancing.

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