Fille Hides From Creditors,  Rushes Back To Rehab. 

If this is also another way of hiding from creditors, singer Fille Mutoni could actually be a master of stunts.

News circulating on social media has it that Fille is going to be treated and with time she will be back healthy to give her fans new music.

Her ex lover MC Kats revealed. According to Kats, he says that Fille is currently receiving all the necessary health assistance and composure so as to regain her usual life because she was suffering from depression.

Kats also says that the singer was actually escorted to the rehab by her by Manager Nisha Bridget and a few family members.

The ‘Ssabuula’ hit maker is expected to spend some long time in the rehabilitation center after suffering from depression, drug and alcohol addiction for the past years.

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